Why the name 4CornersLoveCandles

Why the name 4cornerslovecandles? This seem to be the question we get asked the most. To be quite honest this name has many meanings to it. The number 4 constitutes to the 4 corners of the globe. We intend on sharing the love of our products to everyone with no limits. Yes! We said no limits. The purpose of our product is to draw others in with our hand curated passion, and that includes ALL. In addition, we strive to do so with love, hence the ‘love’ part of our name. With the ever changing atmosphere of our world we believe that love is an important factor. Love can be exuberantly shared through our interactions with others, through the kind words shared, by giving comfort, & sharing what brings us happiness.

Candles are obviously one of the items we make, but it is actually one of the items that brought our family together during a very difficult time. When covid became apparent in our lives there was a serious need for bonding, and a way to relieve our boredom/ anxieties. At the time we were dabbling in candle making as a hobby and thought that it would be exciting to participate in local pop ups to not only have something to do but to meet new people. Well, this idea grew large legs of its own and brought 4Cornerslovecandles to life! 

We have met so many new people & continue to network in/ out of our community and would not have it any other way. So, to recap the name 4cornerslovecandles means an idea, experience of love & community. And this is what our business intend on portraying as we grow. We are grateful to have you on board for the ride to make & create with us! 

* Look out for our future endeavors! In the meantime you can find our self care pink booth in Orange Park mall right near Kay jewelers at the AMC entrance.


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